CPC Anniversary Continued.

A series of articles from People’s Daily  in the lead up to the 90th anniversary also spoke of CPC internal policies and their positive effect on the people of China. A rambling People’s Daily peace on June 8th speaks of the Party’s beliefs regarding religion and the religious rights of its people as well as the state of religious harmony in the country. While two similar People’s Daily articles from June 17th and 22nd lauded the positive achievements in the Party’s history; particularly increases in living standards and the nation’s economic rise. The June 8th article begins by making it plain that religious acceptance in China is high as long as belief does not supplant or challenge the Party, wherein the article even praises religion’s ability to contribute to an inclusive Chinese society. The same article, in providing China as an example to the world on religious tolerance does not comment on recent violent conflicts in Tibetan Budhist and Uyghur Muslim minority areas however. Neither does it elaborate on the meaning behind the contentious issues of CPC state interference in religious ceremonies and on the policy of the party choosing religious leaders.

The CPC’s newly appointed “Bishop Guo”

Central to the praise for China in the July 17th and 22nd articles was the argument that the Party has been primarily committed to protecting the Chinese people’s interests though “wise development strategies”, the “liberation” of its people and the “democratic” nature of the Chinese revolution. Statements which in themselves seem ill- fitting to the perception of China in the West, wherein observers generally see China as patently un-democratic, repressive and founded on the mistakes of the “Great Leap forward” and other CPC disasters.

While economically, China’s recent powers may be without doubt, it is on social issues where the Party seems most frantic to prove itself. Though it’s one dimensional attitude of repression, surveillance, blatant cover-ups and distortions of the truth, the CPC shows this desperation even clearer. When the CPC grafts freedom, liberation and tolerance to its own history at the same time as it blocks these words from Chinese search engine results, harasses journalists, represses minorities and lies about its past it shows its immaturity and its many insecurities.

Given the chance to spin its own stories on its anniversary the CPC has failed to make the positive impression it wished to in the overseas press. Many foreign newspapers, when if at all they covered the anniversary, touched on issues of corruption, minority rights, environmental issues and even on the blatant propaganda push the anniversary has spurred. If the CPC wants real respect from credible international players, not just 3rd world nations; (Kenya, Botswana, Bulgaria, Mongolia and Nepal being notable nations touted as congratulating the party on its anniversary) it needs to understand that its recent economic success has only increased its responsibilities and that the argument that “China is still a developing country” no longer provides a free-pass. China will not receive the respect it desires until it takes meaningful, sincere action toward the Western demands it so publicly detests.


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